1. Wheatley striking a pose and GLaDOS trying to look like a bear. Cannot get over the cute.

  2. Best part of stay-cation is getting to cuddle with these two

  3. Tuckered out puppies after a long day cheering on their corgmom and corgdad at a field day

  4. Corgdad went to Oklahoma (for business) , and all we got were these lousy t-shirts…. - cowgirl and cowtipper

  5. Happy 4th of July, Everyone! GLaDOS and Wheatley wish you all a fun and safe holiday. We can’t wait to see fireworks!

    To make this an extra special post, we’d like to thank all of our followers: We hit 1000 friends! Time really flies. GLaDOS and Wheatley feel so loved. Please continue to follow us as there’s plenty more to come!

  6. Aww so tired.

    Aww so tired.

  7. Video throwback: GLaDOS on her first slide. She was so small!!

  8. Wheatley is mesmerized by the balloon

  9. Not sure what look they were going for here…

    Not sure what look they were going for here…

  10. First time in the big boy bathtub.


GLaDOS & Wheatley

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